The workshop is an intense and enlightening experience, in which Ivana Chubbuck will help you to find new inspiration and new tools for the creation of vital, realistic characters and dynamic, guiding them to reach previously unimaginable goals.

Listening to and participating in each workshop is as formative and constructive as working directly with Ivana. The workshop was therefore also open to an audience of listeners among actors, directors, screenwriters, agents, producers, casting director. 

Ivana Chubbuck is perhaps the most popular acting teacher in the world at the moment, led by her Los Angeles Times best selling book – The Power Of The Actor. She is particularly sought after right now, coming of coaching Oscar nominations and wins for Elisabeth Shue, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Djimoun Hounsou, Brad Pitt, and Diane Wiest.

“This book is my bible – I don’t leave home without it” – Eva Mendez.

What makes this book and Ivana so unique is how it really promotes the art of using the obstacles in your life to become better and stronger. As a result, on the rare occasion a city is lucky to have Ivana come in for a workshop, tickets usually sell fast for people from all kinds of different careers. Corporations especially have found success in having their employees attend these 2 day workshops. But being an acting workshop, the benefits are most dramatic for actors, producers, directors, cinematographers, and writers.

Top actors have called Ivana Chubbuck the new Stanislavsky. That is remarkably high praise from a place where Stanislavsky is considered a national icon. It is a huge and rare opportunity for the actors of Romania to get to work with Ivana during her 2 days workshop in Bucharest.

Magnolia Studio was able to secure this exciting opportunity by bringing in David Lipper to get actors prepared on the famed Chubbuck Technique. The best 16 actors, who have learned a basic knowledge of the technique as selected by Lipper, will have this rare opportunity to participate in the workshop. They will work on a scene one day with Ivana, and then do the rework with her the next.

The results from day one to day two will be dramatic, and are the reason why some countries have to wait years before Ivana can fit them into her busy schedule.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for people to watch the process as Magnolia Studio will be selling up to 100 tickets for auditors to watch the 2 day process and learn from the master through this exciting process.

Magnolia Studio expects a tremendous amount of demand for this once in a lifetime event so book your seat now!


16 – 17 December 2018


SALA DALLES, Bucharest


300 euros – 2 days FULL access

 200 euros  – 1 day access


Only limited seats available

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