“Ivana Chubbuck is the premiere acting coach of the twenty-first century. Her astute knowledge of the human condition, coupled with her ability to translate that insight to her students, is remarkable. Ivana’s innovative methods of teaching both complements and rival those of the great teachers of the past. Her philosophy transcends what we once knew about the art, and forces actors through their own catharsis to discover authentic ways of bringing the complexity of life to the screen and stage. Under Ivana’s tutelage, the course of my career and deptof my work have changed dramatically.” HALLE BERRY



“I finally went to a class in Los Angeles with this wonderful teacher, Ivana Chubbuck. Ivana taught me how to take my emotions and take everything that has happened in my life, and use it to make me an effective actor. The stakes have to be high – so it was really an interesting place for me to stand on my feet and fall on my face many times.” CHARLIZE THERON





“She just began to break me down, and I went, “Wow.” Because it’s almost as if certain acting habits become calcified and, before you know it, you’re like a piano player with one finger. You keep hitting that same note over and over again. She right away got into really subliminal, exploratory personal chambers that I wanted to keep closed. Like my son’s death. I said, ‘I really don’t want to go there, I really don’t want to talk about that. She said, ‘Well, that’s what needs to come out. You need to express that. This is what this character is dealing with, that kind of loss, that kind of grief.” SYLVESTER STALLONE




“I believe Ivana’s technique could be boiled down to, ‘take the pain in your life and find the most effective way to accomplish a goal with it.’ The most interesting aspect of the Chubbuck Technique is that it helps you to understand humanity. What drives someone to do what they do, good or bad. That even someone who seems outwardly evil to the outside world, has a righteous reason to be who they are, and do what they do. It’s not painful, actually the process of each movie I’ve done has been cathartic.” EVA MENDES





“Ivana has taken my work up to another level. The clarity and depth from which she guides me to creating a character is simple. direct, loving and powerful. She understands human dynamics and has a profound knowledge of psychology, so I am always going deeper and never working on the surface. For me, what is most important in my work, is that I am helping to illuminate the writer’s creation and giving the audience a powerful experience of the human condition, helping them to see themselves in whatever character I am portraying and recognizing the humanity in all of us. Ivana’s gifts as a teacher help me do this. She has deepened me not just as an artist but also as a person. I treasure her wisdom and her support.” JUDITH LIGHT – 2 TIME TONY AWARD WINNER



“Ivana has taught me that a character’s intentions are best revealed within behavior, that behavior can contain the layers and richness of their pain, desperation, and need. Because, words can lie, behavior tells the truth.” TRAVIS FIMMEL






“The guesswork is gone. Finally, a book ‘The Power of the Actor’ that provides the nuts and bolts to acting, that shows me how to always be present, how to always have something going on behind my eyes and ultimately, that provides a concrete path for me to really discover and live a role.” JESSICA BIEL





“She is a brilliant, insightful teacher whose work has transformed my understanding of the art of acting.” ELIZABETH SHUE







“… playing Etta James for a movie called, ‘Cadillac Records’. She was a heroin addict, which I felt would be difficult for me because I’ve never done any kind of drugs. But Ivana has an exercise that she’s developed that makes you feel like you’re actually on heroin. We worked on one of the scenes that Etta has to be very stoned on heroin, and not only did I feel organically high, but it brought up emotions that made sense to someone who needed to take a drug such as this – something to eliminate emotional pain. My emotions were very raw, yet I felt high. It was a unique experience, for sure.” BEYONCE







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