The Magnolia flower is known to be one of the first to blossom ahead of the other flowers, right after the snow turns to glittering ponds. Although her scent is delicate, her stamina holds a nourishing source of life for the spring’s hastiest butterflies.

The Magnolia tree is a symbol of the elite, so it requires careful attention and the skilful hands of a passionate gardener.

The Team at Magnolia Studio is made of two such keepers and an army of their partners, all thinking and breathing for the moment you will step into their garden.

You have entered the land of self-discovery and evolution. We are here to give you a unique experience which promises to take film acting, public speaking and personal development to another level.

At Magnolia, our Hollywood coach will walk you through a 12-step method that will turn you into an aware character with limitless powers over your thoughts, actions and reactions. We will put the light on you so that your passions will shine and your fears be damned!


Founder of Magnolia Studio

Alin has walked this road before as a student in other film acting classes here in Bucharest. Since the experiences left him wanting more, he went to Los Angeles where he took part of Ivana Chubbuck’s Acting Studios as Master Class Student. Then and there, Alin fell in love with the technique developed by Ivana.

After countless days and nights practicing film acting in its birth land, he decided it is his mission to bring this brilliant method to his home so that others benefit of it as well as he did.

Alin invested his vision and passion into making the studio come alive. His ideas blossomed into the classes’ structure and made it possible for you to experience it at its best shape.

Alin will answer any of your questions and guide you through the admission page and registration process. You can contact him by sending him an e-mail, or click on the contact page.


We are here to understand who you are and where you come from, and to bring you closer to your goals and expectations.

The classes will teach you how to become more confident with your strengths while being aware of your weaknesses.

At the end of the courses you will have discovered that a shining version of you was inside all along.


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