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The Chubbuck Technique is all about empowerment through the arts – understanding that pain, insecurities and fears are a very powerful fuel to create a dynamic journey, both professionally and personally.
David Lipper has been a part of my journey since 1991. He embodies The Power of The Actor by using the Chubbuck Technique earning success as an actor (50 films and 200 episodes of television), produced screenwriter, and as a film producer. David has a special ability to teach, selflessly and with wisdom of truly understanding The Chubbuck Technique, having been with me, and a part of my school for over 25 years. Anyone who takes his classes in Romania is lucky to have David Lipper be their mentor.
Ivana Chubbuck

David was born and grew up in Montreal and moved to Los Angeles immediately after completing his BFA in Musical Theater from Emerson College in Boston. It didn’t take long for one time head of Warner Brothers Television (now head of CBS), Leslie Moonvees, to recognize Lipper’s ability for comedy. Lipper was quickly given the starring role in the Kaufman/Bright/Crane pilot, Reality Check, playing opposite a young Tiffany Thiessen, Giovani Ribisi, and 2 time Oscar winner, Hillary Swank. The other pilot Kaufman/Bright /Crane made that year was the mega hit Friends. When Reality Check didn’t go, Moonvees put Lipper on the Warner Brothers hit show, Full House, where he played D.J.’s boyfriend, Viper, for that final season.

Lipper also got to showcase his musical theater roots, by playing in the show’s band, with John Stamos, and even playing live his own original music on the show. Eager to go against type and show his range, Lipper soon after played the rapist Jace in the hit NBC movie, She Fought Alone.

“Romania has a very special place in my heart. My grandmother, Coca Lipper, was born and raised in Radauti, in Northern Romania. She lived there until she finished high school and then left for Vienna, where she met her husband, David Lipper. When the war broke out, they came to Canada, and that’s how I ended up born in Montreal, soon after my grandfather passed, and I took his name.
I became an actor early on in Montreal, starring in Time of Your Life (150 episodes), a daily teen soap opera on the CTV network.
After completing a BFA in Musical Theater from Emerson College in 1991, I moved to Los Angeles where I started working with Ivana Chubbuck almost immediately. 27 years later, we have remained very good friends and I have continued to teach for her for the past 13 years.
In 2012, Ivana asked me to go to Romania to teach a module for the actors there. Finally I would get to see the motherland for me, where it all started. But the gifts I received there far surpassed anything I could have imagined. It simply felt like home and I had an immediate connection with the people there.
I make my living as an actor, having starred in over 50 films and 200 episodes of television. But I get tremendous pleasure out of sharing my knowledge with young actors. I was especially proud of my work with the young talent during my last trip to Romania for Ivana, where at least 20 of my students ended up acting in films with such Hollywood stars as Nicolas Cage, Anton Yelchin, Steven Seagal, Jane Seymour, Ben Barnes, Henry Thomas, and many others. They even did a film that made it into the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.
Knowing that the Chubbuck technique and the way I teach it is so effective, I am excited to come back to Romania and teach the new young talent waiting for their chance to work with Hollywood celebrities in big movie productions.”


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It will help you use your issuespaininsecuritiesand fears as fuel to energize your ability to overcome and win any challenges you might encounter in your way.

Chubbuck Technique will empower you, inspireand motivate you as well as it will teach you how to be a force, motivator in everything you do in real life and take risks in any field.
The Chubbuck Technique is creating an emotionaland spiritually happy end result and also brings to the participant an emotional and spiritual prosperity – which in the end equals catharsis.
Chubbuck Technique is recreating real humanbehavior, human beings are very layered, and complex animals.
It takes a lot to explore human behaviors, to analyze how one speaks, the verbiage that human beings use as well as the life choices they make.
You will learn how to personalize your ownbehavior; bottom line, education is the key, studyis essential, and the practice that study brings has to be great.
Being part of the Chubbuck Program you will be aware of the same reality of being able to be moreeffective in communication with the other persons and it allows a better understanding of how to become an effective communicator in your life.
Being part of the Chubbuck Program you will be aware of the same reality of being able to be moreeffective in communication with the other persons and it allows a better understanding of how to become an effective communicator in your life.
Whatever technique is applicable to be successful in acting world, it can be also applicable in any business – there is nothing impossible to achieve by an individual: from becoming a president to being a head of a multinational corporation.
Leadership is about understanding your people emotionally; Chubbuck’s program states that emotional intelligence is critical to the success of a leader.
Ivana’s leadership training that encompasses emotional intelligence can hone these emotional skills in people managers and leaders.
Chubbuck’s leadership training can be used as a tool in a better decision-making process as leaders functioning at a high level of emotional intelligence have the perspective to make more informed, intelligent business decisions.

Teaching the Chubbuck Technique

There are currently a growing number of acting teachers across the country, and indeed around the world, that are teaching the Chubbuck Technique. Many of these schools and teachers, from the USA, Canada, Sweden, France, England, Israel, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, Italy, The Philippines, and Columbia are proving to be quite successful. In that light, Ivana aims to help the growing number of schools maintain a level of quality of training that is consistent with the high standards of the Ivana Chubbuck Studio. She offers a certification program that enables acting teachers to come to Los Angeles and be trained by her, to properly teach the Chubbuck Technique.
Ivana Chubbuck Studio will supply the tools, techniques and training one needs to teach the Chubbuck Technique successfully.The purpose is to raise the level of quality and to standardize actor training. It is her goal that when an actor enters a program with the Ivana Chubbuck Studio name attached to it, they can expect the same level of training they will receive in her Los Angeles school. At the end of the training program, the teacher trainee will become officially accredited to teach the Chubbuck Technique.
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